Lucididee | DLI

Digital Image Packet Download Instructions



Follow link in email to location of photos

Click on any Photo
Right-click photo
mouse over "download"
click "All available originals"
















enter PASSWORD supplied to you in email
click "Download" button
(Password is case senitive and must be entered exact.  Passwords cannot be automatically generated or automatically restored.  If your password is lost or forgotten, please call for Password restore  732.977.5638)
Save photos where ever you like.
Best practice is to create a NEW folder.
File will download as a Zip File











Due to amount of photos taken, file may take a a considerable amount of time to download.
When download is complete..........
Right-click file
click "Extract Here"  (file will unzip/open and place all photos in this destination originally chosen by the user to place the files)
All downdloaded files will be of original digital image status without any editing.  Photos will not have watermarks upon completion of download extraction
NOTE:  Your personal computer may have a different method of extracting/opening ZIP files.  If you experience any issues extracting and/or opening the files, call 732.732.5638